Closed- Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspection

Underground sewer systems may begin to deteriorate and can suffer from all degrees of problems; including but not limited to ground movement, misaligned drains, cracking, and issues relating to poor construction methods, silt build-up and scale and grime deposits.

In most cases, the only method to effectively identify the cause of the problems is to carry out a visual inspection of the system. CCTV inspection systems allow us to gain instant access to the sewer system and identify any and all areas of concern.

CTV Inspection determines sewer pipe conditions including cracked, fractured, and deformed pipe, joint displacement, open joints, as well as sag and surface damage. In addition, CCTV Inspections are an excellent way to detect various obstructions or potential impediments to the proper flow of drainage.

Our fleet has a wide range of equipment to ensure a clear representation of the existing condition of the sewer system. Our fleets includes, not limited to the following,

  • Traditional “Pan and Tilt” CCTV Camera (Equipped with various wheels setup for different situation)
  • Panoramo 150 – 360° Pipeline (Designed specifically for pipeline ranging from 6” to 12”)
  • Panoramo 2 – 360° Pipeline (Designed for pipeline ranging from 6” and up)
  • Panoramo SI – 360° view of the manholes
  • Portable CCTV system for areas where vehicle access is prohibited.

Where applicable, Panoramo inspection is on average twice as efficient as traditional “Pan and Tilt” inspection. Furthermore, the resolution will be six times superior to traditional inspection. All of our CCTV operators are PACP, LACP and MACP certified, ensuring all inspection work are conducted to industry standards.



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